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Yes, we're still here...

Well, I know a lot of people are wondering if there is anyone behind this site, and I want to assure you that there is.  We've just been working on our new Planescape: Torment Page.  Check it out, especially if you haven't heard much of the game.  It looks to be a great concept.  Also, keep checking back.  As soon as we settle on a look and feel for the Planescape page we will be back here and will update the site layout and put up all the changes we have backed up.

This site deals with Baldur's Gate (and it's expansion Tales of the Sword Coast) which is, in our humble opinion, the finest RPG for the computer ever made.  Derived faithfully from AD&D rules, Baldur's Gate is a rich gaming experience for anyone, featuring over 10,000 distinct screens as well as a great variety of monsters, NPCs, items, quests, etc...  What's not to love?

Once again, thanks to all of you for helping us make the top of the Baldur's Gate Top 10 list.   If you didn't help, you can go there and vote for us, or you can vote by clicking on the button below.

Whether you vote or not, please enjoy your stay. All are welcome here!

Finally, if you are looking for a real interesting walkthrough, check out the one in progress at the Sword Coast Party.  Personally, I am really looking forward to watching it shape up.

The latest items added are:

DarkAgez' Walkthrough
DarkAgez' TOTSC Walkthrough
Elroy's TOTSC FAQ and Walkthrough
Chapter Six of The Tale of Lyngellen, a walkthrough told from the perspective of an evil Bard.
Version 1.70 of Johnathan K.'s FAQ

Check them out!

If you find anything that we have missed or which seems inaccurate based on your play, please e-mail us at [email protected].   If you have something you want to see here, let us know.  However, no cheats please.  There are plenty of good sites out there for that.

Warning:  There are spoilers here.  If you combine the maps and tables, this is pretty much a complete walkthrough.    If you want to avoid knowing the details, but want to make sure you have cleared all the quests, use the checklists in the Baldur's World section (currently under construction).  Even if you do use the information to play through, we still (strongly) suggest that you "save early, save often". <g>

News - What's been going on at our humble site.
Baldur's Links - a few good links with brief site descriptions.
The Map Room - image map of the entire Baldur's Gate area linked to individual maps for each ARxxxx section.  This is the main section for those seeking spoiler information.
No Spoilers Here! - This section is dedicated to all those who want to be pointed in the right direction, but want none of the answers.  The Quest Checklist that so many of you wanted back is now here, in this section.  Also, this is the landing place for Jonathan K.'s FAQ, but be warned, he does have a few spoilers there.
Baldur's World - NPCs, Monsters, the Yellow Pages.  If you have a question about the basics of the game start here. 
The Walkthroughs - Various adventurer's methods for playing the game.  Generally arranged by Chapter.

And from the self-congratulation department, we would like to give a big "aw, shucks" with the requisite toe scuffing for winning the Orcus Imperious Content award, and a "Wow!  I guess we're doing something right after all" for receiving a Netscape Open Directory "Cool Site" award.   Thanks all!
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