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This section deals with whatever doesn't fit elsewhere. What you will find here are tips on creating your character, how to understand the locals, and basic game information in the form of screenshots, official art, and eventually the Interplay FAQ for Torment.

Getting Started. This part contains instructions on creating your character, and information on how to create the character that suits you the best.
Cants. The world of Planescape has a kind of language all it's own. If you want a better idea of what people are saying to you, and what they mean, refer to this.
Screenshots. This will show the un-initiated what the game looks like.
Official Art. Although not all of this made it into the game, here is some conceptual art and there are also some good Windows backgrounds here.
Puzzles. Here you can play scrambling and solving puzzles of Torment-related images.

Planescape is a setting for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons that is a little off the beaten path. It's not a city, not a world, not a universe. The proper term to describe Planescape, or so I have gathered, is a Multiverse. So what's a Multiverse? Think of a bunch of parallel universes like in some old Twilight Zone episode or something.

Anyway, Here's a brief overview of the playing field:

The Inner/Elemental Planes. These planes mirror the elements, Earth, Fire, Water, etc.
The Outer Planes. These are kind of hard to conceptualize, but basically reflect psychological elements rather than physical ones. They have Planes for Good and Evil here, Order and Chaos, etc. Kind of like alignments in AD&D.
The Astral Plane. This is a void that connects the outer planes with the Prime Material Plane, or the place where you live (I think).
The Ethereal Plane. This connects the inner planes with the Prime Material Plane.
Sigil. First, it's shaped like a ring. It's true neutral ground, with said neutrality enforced by a super powerful being known as the Lady of Pain. Even the Gods can't come in without her permission. This is the center of the Multiverse. Finally, it has portals to all the other planes.

So, lots of potential for neat things to do, places to go, beings to see, right? Also, just about too much to keep track of, which is the problem. This site will hopefully help you deal with it.

In Torment, you play the Nameless One, a lost soul who seems to be immortal. Every time you die you just wake up again (in Sigil I think), but with no memories. You just kind of stand up, shake yourself off, and try and figure out who you are and what's going on... Oh yeah, you look like a corpse too...

Well, that's pretty much the plot, but the story is up to you. How you find out, where you go, what you do, who you do it with or to, all are at your discretion. The story is not too linear, but the gist of it is that if you want to find out what's going on, you do a series of quests.

So what's there to find out? Well, you can recover powers you once had for one. We do know that once you were a 24th level Cleric. Now how did that chant go? Recover your old skills and go do some butt-kicking for goodness!

Finally, alignment has gotten a few tweaks. For those experienced with AD&D, the changes may take some getting used to. The biggest thing is that it is no longer permanent. Instead of choosing an alignment and basing your actions on it, your alignment will be determined by what you do. This can be pretty slick where NPCs are concerned, as you have to guess at them for a while.


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