Well, there aren't a whole lot now, but here are the sites you will find for Planescape out there. If you know of one that isn't listed, please e-mail me.

Great Sites

  The Official Planescape: Torment site Interplay's official Planescape site.
  Northshore: A Tiny Part of Black Isle This is the place where the artists put up their art and concepts for the game.
  The Infinity Explorer The best tool for learning about the game, bar none. In all honesty, there's not much about Planescape on this site, but download the tool there and you will have access to more game-related information than any site on the web has to offer.
  The Pit Comprehensive, good layout, and well maintained. A great source for news and more.
  Cool123 Planescape Walkthrough Really nice site with a lot of information. A lot of thought has gone into the layout here.
  Planescapers Lots of game related information, tons of items, spells, maps, etc... If you want to see what's in the game this should be your first stop.
  PlaneScape: How Tormenting! Just a great ride here.  "Interviews" with all the game characters, Planescape Christmas Carols, and more.
  Waters of the Styx In a word, Stunning.  While you are here, visit The Mimir, a Planescape pen & paper site.
  TeamBG - Planescape and BG Editors Home of the Planescape Character Editor. Like the Infinity Explorer, not a lot of information here, but worth going to get the tool.
  The New Rossyth Shipyards Nice looking, informative about the game setting.
  Tony Diterlizzi's Home Site An artist who creates drawings of the Planescapt Multiverse
  Planescape: Torment Top 10 A list that ranks the top Planescape: Torment sites by votes.
  Planar Intersection A very nice Planescape: Torment desktop theme is here.
  Unofficial Planescape: Torment MP3 Soundtrack A site for unofficial support of Torment music.
  Planescape - Torment: Step-by-Step Walkthrus This site is a walkthrough for the game, done in a fashion that is very thorough and easy to follow. Not done yet, but what he has exceeds all others to the same point.

Worth a visit

  Malkali's Tormented Shrubberies

Torment Underground

  A shadowy street in Sigil

Torment Chronicles

  Night Wizard's Planescape Torment Homepage

Non-English Sites

  Tormenr - Gefährliche Dimensionen A comprehensive German site.
  Die Pfade der Planescape A great site that is available in both German and English
  Danish Torment The name says it all...
  La Taverne de Baldurien II French
  Jdr-Online Another French site, but worth a visit even if you don't know French to see the graphics.
  The Tower of Dreams Excellent Polish site, with a lot of information on Planescape and Ultima.
  Quest for Pipeau - Planescape Torment Yet another french site.
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