Wizard Spells

Priest spells are nice, but in Planescape: Torment they are largely defensive and healing in nature. To really rock the house, you want the ones that Wizards use. Some of the most impressive animations in the game come from spell effects (you can see some of them here). Also, some of the best damage is dealt with spells.

Anyway, this section deals with these spells. There are so many in the game that they won't all fit on one page (unless you like a long load time...). So, we have broken them up by level. Click the buttons at the left or the links below to check them out.

You can get most of the spells lited on these pages from reading scrolls, but a few are only available through interactions with your NPCs. If you know where you can get a scroll with one of these spells, let us know and we will post it.

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